Chicago Northside Storage Wine Storage in OLD Town

The Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar in Old Town offers a great secure location to store your wine collection. If you’re a wine collector, this is the perfect place to ensure that your wine ages properly. We’ve been in the business for twenty years, here to provide wine storage for individuals, restaurants, wine clubs and investors. For top quality wine storage, contact us today! We currently serve over 700 wine storage customers from 35 cities in the Chicago area, 15 states, and seven countries. Our wine lockers are designed to protect your wine from intense temperatures, humidity, vibration, and ultraviolet light.

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Temperature - Wine should be stored away in 55°F to ensure that it matures properly. If the temperatures are lower, it slows the development and high temperatures age the wine prematurely. Our wine lockers are designed with the highest quality environmental control system designed to maintain the 55°F temperature year-round. This climate control is completely independent of the building's system and automatically adjusts via variable compressor capacity as warm product is brought in for storage. Electronic monitoring equipment is remotely connected to the management office to ensure our wine cellar is under constant temperature surveillance.


Humidity - If the humidity is too high, mold may develop and damage labels, too low humidity can cause corks to dry out and the wine will eventually spoil. The humidity is kept at 60% to 70%, which is ideal for wine storage.


Vibration - Constant vibrations can upset the equilibrium and normal development of wine. If wines are shaken, it may throw off their sediment as well, so we’ve made sure to build our cellar free from the street and traffic vibrations.


Light - Ultraviolet light can be harmful to wine if exposed for even a short amount of time. Our cellars eliminates all natural light.


We have various sizes available depending on how big or small your wine collection is. If you need a larger locker, we have those available on requests. Rates vary by location and size availability. Just give us a call for more information. All lockers are rented on an annual, pre-paid basis.


*Arrangements may be made for your wine supplier to deliver directly to the Chicago Northside Storage Wine Cellar in Old Town, and the wine will be held for your arrival in a secure area in our wine cellar. Security T.V. cameras and intercoms are monitored from the management office.

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